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Welcome to Audiopedia! Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know about home and portable HiFi Audio, from the perspective of Audiophiles and Audio Enthusiasts worldwide. Audiopedia was founded by the community at

This Wiki is designed to be a comprehensive guide and information resource for all people interested in improving their music listening experience, at all levels from beginner to advanced. Our intent as a community is not to scare anyone away, but instead provide as much information as possible geared to your needs. Please read through the guide categories below to find what you're looking for.

What is an Audiophile?Edit

An Audiophile is someone who enjoys high-quality (or high fidelity) playback of music and sound. This can be at home, on the go, in the car, or at the theater. In general, we as a community want to discourage the stereotypes of an audiophile as someone who purchases esoteric wiring or overpriced equipment which does not affect the sound in measurable or audible ways, and focus on enjoying good music playback at all budgets and levels of experience. That is not to say that something is overpriced just because it is more than someone in particular might be willing to spend. We encourage you to read our FAQ about audio gear and listening , as well as our Getting Started Guide if you're new and want to improve your listening experience.