This buyer's guide will guide you through purchasing or upgrading your audio listening system.

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The buyer's guide is structured by component category and subdivided by price range. In each price range, we give our top five recommendations. These are only starting points—you may prefer others not in our list, and the lists may be outdated. However, if we list a recommendation, we are confident it will provide among the best sound quality available in that price range, and you can be confident that it will be high quality.

Audiopedia and the /r/audiophile Reddit group are in no way affiliated with any audio company, review site, or retailer of audio equipment. We are a community of individuals dedicated to finding the best audio gear available and spreading knowledge of quality sound to others. Point being: you can trust us, we're from Reddit.

Audio Buyer's GuideEdit

  • Headphones
    • Earbuds/IEMs
    • Portable Headphones
    • Studio Headphones
    • Audiophile Headphones
  • Headphone Amplifiers
    • Portable Amplifiers
    • Portable USB DAC + Amplifier Combination
    • Home Amplifiers
  • Speakers
    • Bookshelf
    • Floorstanding
    • Special Purpose (Center/Surround)
    • Vintage
    • DIY
  • Amplifiers
    • Integrated
    • Preamps
    • Power Amplifiers (Solid State)
    • Tube Amplifiers
    • Vintage
    • DIY
  • DACs
  • CD Players
  • Turntables
  • Phono Preamplifiers
  • Speaker Stands and Room Treatments
  • Cables