These are advanced audiophile topicsEdit

As such, it does not help anyone to edit something out or make a comment just because you have an opinion. If your opinion differs significantly enough from the original one presented then make a page for your alternate view. Likewise, opinions should be backed up. This can be a link to a reference, or a description of exactly how to achieve your claimed results, etc. The same goes for any original entry.

  1. Can I really hear the difference?
  2. How do I properly experiment to make sure I get good results?
  3. At what point does a stereo become "good" quality?
  4. What is bi-wiring, and should I do it?
  5. Does speaker cable matter? What speaker cable should I get?
  6. Is CD good enough? What is good enough?
  7. Why do my speakers come with spikes?
  8. What is imaging?
  9. What is bi-amplification?
  10. Should I add weight to my speaker stands?
  11. What does balanced mean?